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YAML version 2.4 ready to use in Typo3

To demonstrate a way to integrate externer Link in neuem Fenster folgtYAML easily in Typo3, is what this website is all about.

If you don't know what YAML is, you are strongly advised to read more externer Link in neuem Fenster folgthere about this great CSS-Framework, before using it in Typo3.

Questions about YAML and the Typo3 template can be placed externer Link in neuem Fenster folgthere. Discussions and suggestions are always welcome.

The author released YAML under externer Link in neuem Fenster folgtcertain conditions to use it free of charge.

The Typo3-Template ist approved for free use likewise, but is published under the GPL. The copyright note can be removed thus, as far as it concerns This does not apply to the YAML CSS-Farmework itself.

This website is mainly addressed to beginners, who would like to learn Typo3 template building on the basis of a matured example, using the guidelines of externer Link in neuem Fenster folgtModern Template Building.

First steps

The options are not limited to the examples shown. There is a lot more that can be done with YAML. Dirk Jesse, the author, wrote an article about externer Link in neuem Fenster folgtYAML Variations and accessibility with possible variations of design. Both arrangement of the columns and structural possibilities of the XHTML-Markup are covered in this extensive article (german language).

Further information, concerning CSS float-environments and handling different browsers can be obtained in this very extensive article externer Link in neuem Fenster folgtBasics about column-layouts with CSS by Mathias Schäfer (german language) at the externer Link in neuem Fenster folgtSelfHTML-Blog.

Please notice that not all content is translated to english language, at the moment. None of the pages are translated to french language, yet.