The examples on the following pages are to clarify, how easy it is with YAML in conjunction with Template Selector to change design or column-sequence of any page.

In the folder fileadmin/template/main/ you will find the following pre-defined Templates:

  • mnu_shinybuttons.html
  • standard.html
  • variante1.html
  • variante2.html
  • variante3.html
  • variante4.html

The title-Tag in the templates just describes it, to make it comprehensible for editors:

<title>YAML Typo3 - 3 Spalten variabel - Shinybuttons</title>

It has no further function. While rendering the page, Typo3 erases the tag and inserts the pagetitle or whatever you configured.

All five example-pages are showing the same content - the one on the page Home. This is done by selecting Home in the menu "Show content of this page instead". You see this menu if you click on "Edit page header".