What is this template not ?

It doesn't raise a claim beeing a draft for a productive website, nor should it be used as one.

I provide it for free to give Beginners the chance to get started with Typo3 in short period of time. Just import the t3d, upload the rest of the files and you're ready to go. At this certain point it is your turn to experiment and find out how to implement the changes you need.

If you download the template, change some pictures or colors and sell it to your customers: Ok, go ahead - rot in hell. Smiley You disqualify yourself, because you simply do not have the competence you claim, hence, based on a long-term consideration, you will not succeed.

This applies only to the Typo3 template. The author of the CSS framework YAML (who b.t.w. has invested substantially more work and time than me) has externer Link in neuem Fenster folgtclearly stated how to use it for commercial purposes: Either pay him or name the author. It would be of great help to us, to bear that in mind.